Monday, December 2, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

This year we're starting a new tradition, one that I'm so excited about. We're introducing Elf on the Shelf to our oldest son, Red. Red is two and a half and I think this was the perfect age to bring one into our home. He arrived one morning with a hot cocoa party and his book. There was also a letter from Santa explaining everything to the boys.

At the end of the Christmas season last year I scooped up holiday paper goods at 90 percent off at Target and put them away with our Christmas gear. When I opened the boxes this year, there they were. A party in a box! Red was stunned when he woke up that morning.

So far our elf hasn't done too much around the house, as I'm not sure Red would really get it this year. Pinterest is chock full of ideas though, so I look forward to using some of those in the years to come. We also thought Red was too small to really name our elf, so Husband and I named him Griswald.

You never know where you might find that Griswald!


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