Monday, March 3, 2014

The Big Painting Adventure

To say that we're painting virgins is pretty close to the truth. A few months back we did buy a gallon of paint on the "mistakes" rack at our local Home Depot and we painted our half bath on the main level of our house. It took us the whole weekend to paint and we learned lots of first-timer lessons. We really liked the outcome though and it felt good to start making the walls our own. 

It's a gray-blue color which was custom mixed for someone who didn't end up actually buying it. Don't mind the mess in the bathroom. We're potty training this weekend and it's crazy in there!

We're gearing up to paint the entire main level though, and I think we're going to hire someone as it's pretty hard to find a few hours to paint with three under three at our house. Here are the colors we've tried out on our walls so far:

The far left is Behr Gentle Rain, the middle is Martha Stewart Driftwood Gray and the right is Martha's Cement Gray. We've already decided the Behr isn't for us, it's a little too light and purple, so it's between the other two. I also want to try a couple more colors before I commit. So we're living with it and trying to make some decisions. 

Everyone's home today as the snow is just pouring down right now. I love winter, but I know I'm pretty much in the minority. 

Yay snow!!


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