Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pegboards. Pegboards As Far As The Eye Can See.

We spent this weekend wrapping up a project that we've been working on for about a month now. Not that it really took us that long, but with three little guys running around it can be hard to find time to work on it. 

I took the little guys to Home Depot and purchased two huge pegboards and twelve 2 x 2 x 8 boards. I had them cut the pegboard in half width-wise {such an awesome service} and that helped me get it in the car. We measured and cut the smaller pieces at home.

Thanks hubby! 

Because our walls have drywall, we had to create a frame. This allows the pegs to have somewhere to hang behind the board. Hubby found the studs and drilled the screws in to make sure we had a sturdy base. After that we screwed the pegboard itself into the frame. Perfect! And of course, since we had used the two hours {barely} that we have during nap time we had to stop. Ugh. Story of my life. So this got backburnered for a few weekends while life sped by. 

Cut to this past weekend where we were determined to finish one of the many partially completed projects lurking around the house. The garage was getting out of control so we decided to start there. We continued the frame, finding the studs as we went. This is definitely a two man job though, so find a buddy for the work. 

One more pegboard up.......

And the wall was completed. All of this storage allows us to get things off of the floor {helps prevent bugs} and instead of all of our junk hiding away we can easily see it so that I don't buy yet another slider press. 

We actually hung quite a bit of our big items up. Hey, what can I say, we've got a lot of tailgating equipment ;) Go Hokies!!

Another shot of the long pegboard wall.

This picture was actually taken before we completed the long wall of pegboard. The other side of the garage has a fire-wall separating us from the neighbors {we have a townhome}, so there was only a thin strip of drywall to attach a pegboard to. Since we knew that it wouldn't be nearly as sturdy, I chose to organize some painting supplies over there. All of my various spraypaints now live in that shoe organizer. I love those things! Every closet of our house has one on the back of the door and most of them don't have shoes in them. 

So that wraps up our big garage overhaul. I'm so glad it's finished. Not only is our garage in much better shape, it just feels so good to put a check on our to-do list!


  1. Ahhh, organization feels so good!

    1. Now if I could just whip the rest of this place into shape....