Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Happenings

We had an extra day of rest this weekend with hubby taking Friday off, but as usual, we used it to get some things done around the house.

We searched high and low for a fan for living room. The main living level of our house is one big room. The house was pre-wired, but we needed to install the fans and lighting on our own. We put ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms pretty much right off the bat, but we've been stumped as to what we wanted in the living room. At first we were leaning towards a drum light with no fan. After having lived here for a full year we realized that a fan would help circulate air throughout the whole house. 

Had our budget been unlimited, I could have found what I wanted lickety-split, but alas, it is not, so the hunt was on. Lots of fans look like they belong in bedrooms and we definitely did not want that. It also had to be at least 60 inches so that it wasn't swallowed up by the room. 

We love it! It helps to be married to a handy guy that just happens to have a degree in electrical engineering. The fan went up fairly easy, although hubby did say that the instructions were much more streamlined on our Hunter fans in the bedrooms.

She's a beauty! Don't judge the clutter crapstorm at the top of the Expedit. I can't make up my mind about the lamp situation. 

2. My parents bought Jake a Little Tykes climber. That thing has been tough to get together. Like, it's still in the backyard and has been shelved until next weekend tough. We're almost done, but we had to walk away from it for a little while for our own sanity. 

3. The Kentucky Derby. My horse didn't win (dang), but mmmmmm, bourbon.

4. Our littlest guys have super sensitive skin. I guess this means the skin on their head is sensitive too, because they both had cradle cap this weekend. We cleared it up pretty quickly, but they got some haircuts by mama, and well, let's just say that there's a reason you pay those people through the nose at Cartoon Cuts. Butchered, I tell ya. Oh well, you live and learn. We'll be going to get them cleaned up professionally at the end of the month. I was just trying to get some of the weight of the hair taken off. NEVER AGAIN. Kids are gross. 

It was a great weekend, and I'm ready to get this week started!


  1. I totally buzz cut both my hubby and 4-year-old's hair. Henry has never had a professional cut, but I just do one length all over! Love the new fan! Darn those toy assemblies! We got a water table for the back yard, and it was a pain to put together!