Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dining Room Organization

I will go ahead and admit it. I have a Target problem. I don't think that I'm alone in my addiction to all things bullseye, but I was pretty sure for a while that Red's first word was going to be "Target." Thankfully it wasn't (it was Dada), but I do love that store!

We have a very open floor plan on our main living level, so everything has to flow from room to room.  When I found this little table, I knew it would be perfect addition to the room. It sits right next to our dining room table and holds our paper recycling as well as some eating essentials. The pop of color it provides ties in nicely with the rug in the living room.

On top of the table is a small lamp to add ambiance and the caddy that contains salt and pepper, Tabasco and washcloths. After using waaaaaay too many paper towels cleaning off Red at the end of a meal, we decided to invest in some reusable washcloths. 

The baskets are another Target find. The left one holds paper bags and the right holds our paper recycling. 

 I like the drawers on this piece of furniture because it helps hide some everyday items at arm's reach. The one on the left holds extra bibs and overflow washcloths.

The right drawer contains our casual cloth napkins and napkin rings. We have fancier napkins, but since they're not used as much, they're kept a bit more out of the way.

I love this table so much I want to find another one for our bedroom. I've recently decided to put a little coffee bar in our room because sometimes I'd love to have a cup of coffee before heading downstairs. My littles can sense the moment my toes touch the hardwood in the hallway and it would be nice to have that as an option.


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