Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Down On The Farm

Last weekend we took a little trip to a local farm. It's the perfect place for Jake to let off a little steam, and it allowed us to take advantage of some good weather.

They have chickens! Jake loves all animals, like most little kids, but the chickens in particular we're cracking him up. 

They have some giant pigs at the farm. I can't blame jake for being a bit skittish putting his back to them!

This is one of my favorite photos. I'm so glad jake is getting better at taking posed photos. No more taking 400+ pics just to get one he's not a blur in.

We packed a little picnic and it was so nice to enjoy the sunshine. All of the boys enjoyed it and everyone took a great nap that afternoon. 

Ian enjoying a pouch in the sunshine. 

Henry working on some more teeth with Sophie the giraffe. 

Jake with jelly-face. I hope the good weather keeps up. These boys need to get outside more often!


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