Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Eggs 2014

This is not Easter Eggs ala Pinterest. These are simple, Paas dyed, almost-three-year-old helping, oops I broke one while getting them out of the pot Easter Eggs. Just the way we like 'em! 

We started by easily hard-boiling the eggs on the stove. Once those were finished, I gave them a couple of hours to chill in the fridge and we had dinner. 

This is one of my favorite traditions, one we've done with Jake every year since he was born. As you can imagine, the year he was 11 months was a real hoot (ha). This has been the best year so far. He really got into the whole process. 

Of course, we had two other helpers too this year. Henry wasn't too impressed.

Ian was just happy to get to stand on the kitchen island.

We're all ready for Easter now!


  1. You know what? I've had this kit sitting in my cupboard for 2 years. I've never dyed Easter eggs with my kiddo and he just turned 4. This year I'm changing that!