Monday, April 28, 2014

Jake's Third Birthday

Sniff, sniff. My baby is turning three. His actual birthday is this week, but we had his birthday this past Sunday. It was just family and a couple of close friends, but that was still almost 25 people. Next year Jake will be in preschool and I know it'll be more of his friends versus ours. 

Since Sheriff Callie is big in our house right now we had a cowboy theme. I ordered invites from Tinyprints and as usual, I was very pleased with them. Easy to use, good prices. 

We ate pizza, played a toss the rubber snake in the bucket game I called "Rattlesnake Roundup," and ate cupcakes. A perfect little party for a sweet little fellow. 

I think I might hang up this sign I made in his room. It's too cute to just toss. 

All three of our boys slept hard last night. Mom and dad did too! 


  1. I love his name sign! So cute and what a fun party theme!