Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

I hope you had a great Easter! We celebrated a bit differently this year, doing most of our "Easter" stuff on Saturday and headed into DC for Sunday.

Since the boys are so young, it didn't matter that the bunny came to visit us on Saturday morning. 

The twins' baskets were mainly for show, as Jake was expecting them to get baskets too. One item that was in all three baskets was a little wooden egg I got from Groopdealz from Keepsake Toys that had each of their names burned into it. Such a sweet handmade item that I expect will become a permanent Easter decoration around here. 

Ian staring intently at Jake. Big brother is the main attraction most days. 

Jake and Henry surveying the loot. 

Henry holding an egg and a Mr. Potato Head hand (?).

Our neighborhood throws an egg hunt on the Saturday morning before Easter, so we hustled everyone out the door and let Jake hunt. Since the twins are just starting to crawl, we decided to just wear them in our Ergos. 

Daddy and Henry

Mama and Ian.

We lunched with my parents afterwards and it was a nice relaxing Saturday.


  1. That is so great that you have two ergos for the twins. I finally got one for our second babe and wish I would have had it when our first was little. Looks like such a great weekend!

    1. Those Ergos have saved us a few times. It was the only way I could grocery shop when the twins were little. There was no more room in the cart with jake up front and one twin in the basket in his car seat!